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Treat Arm Pain in St. Cloud, MN

Arm Pain and Tingling

Persistent arm pain and an accompanying tingling sensation is a common complaint heard by chiropractic physicians. Their is a variety of reasons why this happens.

Common Causes of Arm Pain & Tingling:

  • A vertebrae in your neck that is out of alignment. The entire weight of the head rests on the cervical vertebrae, the spinal bones in the neck. These bones are designed to be very mobile, but their stability can be compromised from automobile accidents, infections or other trauma. This can interrupt nerve signals and cause one or both arms to throb and tingle.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS happens when a nerve becomes trapped in a small space (the carpal tunnel) in the wrist. The result is often radiating numbness or weakness in the affected fingers, hand and forearm. CTS can be caused by repeated movement, fluid retention or inflammatory disorders.
  • An inflamed elbow joint. Elbow bursitis, an inflammation of the cushioning tissue in the joint, is often caused by repetitive motions (like those performed in sports) or from constant pressure (such as leaning on a desk). This inflammation can put pressure on a nerve, resulting in pain that travels up or down the arm.

Fortunately, these and other causes of arm pain and tingling are highly treatable. The qualified professionals at Granite City Chiropractic will perform a series of tests that will help them arrive at a diagnosis, and specific treatment or referrals will be made at that time.

Please note that if left arm pain is sudden and accompanied by chest pains, emergency medical treatment is needed.

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